Throw A Galentine's Day Party

Celebrate the love of friendship by inviting siblings or your girlfriends over for a fun night in. Watch a movie together, talk about boys and indulge in tasty treats.

Share scary stories about your kids and laugh until it hurts. Self-care includes keeping up with your social circle and enjoying some good old fashioned girl talk. Below are 5 ways to make your night special!

  1. Set The Scene- Bring on the fluffy pillows, cozy blankets and fuzzy slippers.


2. Must Love Snacks-Swap the chips for lentil crisps, store bought cookies for a fruit platter and add some dark chocolate for sweetness.


3. Cue The Water Works- Whether you watch a documentary or the latest rom-com, it never hurts to have some tissues on hand.

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 12.29.05 AM.png

4. Play A Game- You’re never too old for truth or dare or would you rather.


5. Give A Gift-A face mask, bottle of nail polish or bath bomb is a sweet token for your guests to remember all the fun you had.

GoalsBrittany Davis