Your Best Work

As a work at home mom there have been many days where I felt like I could be doing something more important than singing songs, changing diapers or throwing a ball.

The roar of society to always be more, do more and reach higher is stronger than ever and if you have an ounce of desire to create something; that roar can deafen your senses.

Because what could be more important than raising, empowering and equipping the next generation of citizens? It took me a long time to believe it, but the hand that rocks the cradle does in fact rule the world.

And we can look back on generations and their core beliefs, views and actions and see who was rocking the cradle. What do you want for your children; who do you want them to be?

I want my children to be faithful, kind, logical, hard workers, generous and loving young men. But all of those character traits have to be taught and since I’m with them the most; they’ll need to be taught by me. And it’s not about your child’s age or how much time you spend with them, but instead about the quality of messages they receive from you.

The last thing I would want is to have an adult child whose character and behavior I dislike. So yes mama, raising your children is your best and most important work. It is work that will continue to show you results all the days of your life.

Don’t be discouraged about societal accolades, keep throwing the ball, dancing to silly songs, reading the books, helping with homework, lending an ear, dressing up and showing up. Our kids need us so much more than we know.

The accolades will always be available and attainable; your children won’t always be teachable or trainable.



SpiritBrittany Davis