Simplifying The Holidays

Do you make a lot of seasonal changes to your decor each holiday? I used to love having stuff everywhere, but lately I’ve been really focused on less. Less stuff, less physical and mental clutter, less worry and less stress.

Albert Einstein said, “Out of clutter, find simplicity.” And with the holidays fast approaching, a husband, two boys and just life; I crave simplicity. I feel like simplicity is saying yes to what really matters and no to things that just take up space in my home and head.

So this holiday season I kept my decor pretty minimal. We put up our tree (last year I had three)! I hung our stockings and garland on the fireplace and put a few more touches throughout the house and left the rest in the attic.

But I also am attempting to be more mindful and intentional around what the holidays mean. I’ve limited the amount of gifts my children will receive in the hopes of not encouraging excess. I’ve limited my own gift desires.

I’m choosing to let go of perfection in honor of presence. That includes everything from meals to makeup. I want to instead focus on making memories and the magic of family and love.

So our Christmas cards may look crazy, something might end up burned, I may have dark circles and our yard probably won’t look like a box recycling center the day after Christmas. But I hope we will always remember the laughter we share, the dance parties, holiday music and movies and the true joy of this season that comes only one time each year.

What are some ways you’d like to simplify and reduce some of the stress of this season?

X Brittany

Mind, GoalsBrittany Davis