Self Care Is Not Selfish

It seems like there comes a time in every mother’s life where you look around at all you do for others, then look at yourself and wonder where you went. You remember loving things, having hobbies, going out and looking good. But suddenly your days are filled with work, inside or out of the home, children’s needs and possibly a marriage to nurture.

And everyone around you seems to be just fine whereas you look in the mirror wondering where that came from or why you seem so tired all of the time. And losing yourself to your many roles can happen slowly, because it gets wrapped in support, love, care and giving.

But you soon begin to ask, “Who gives to me?” And that’s not a selfish or conceited question; it’s simply a question that only you can answer. We all only get one beautifully amazing life. And it won’t benefit anyone to spend yours in complete service to others while neglecting yourself.

You cannot give what you don’t have and soon, if you’re not careful, years will go by with no self care, no self preservation. Your children will grow up and so will you and your spouse. Self care is so important because you don’t want to get to that time and then ask, “Who am I apart from my job or my family?”

One thing I love about men is that they will care for themselves. Self care isn’t all sheet masks and mani pedis, although we do love them. Self care and wellness is as much about hobbies, mental health, exercise and adventure.

We all want to be good mothers and good versions of ourselves. Self care is also one of the best ways to show your children who you are as a person as they get older and not simply mom.

Show them that you can be the best, whole version of yourself and still be there for them. So no, self care is not selfish, in fact it’s essential.

X Brittany

SpiritBrittany Davis