Sanity Saver: Stretching

We all know the benefits of stretching before and after a workout. But did you know that stretching helps more than just your muscles?

Research shows that stretching helps calm your mind. As you take those deep breaths and move through a stretch routine your brain is given extra oxygen and a moment to shut out other distractions.

Stretching also improves flexibility which helps to fight off arthritis and it releases tension. If you stretch before bed your sleep will also be improved and more restful.

And the great thing about stretching is that you can do it anywhere. You can stretch at your desk, a simply overhead raising and extending the arms will not only stretch your arms but also your low back, as you bend into the stretch.

Twisting and looking over your shoulders is a great stretch for your spine and even when you’re playing with the kiddos you can touch your toes or hug your knees.

Shoulder rolls, neck rolls and even hugging yourself are great ways to release tension, take some deep breaths and clear your mind.

Do you actively practice stretching or can you use more in your daily routine?

X Brittany

Mind, BodyBrittany Davis