No More Waiting

Sometimes we don’t realize that we’re holding ourselves back while we wait for someone else. You could be waiting on your spouse to do something, your children to get to a certain age or your co-worker to wise up.

But waiting on others is only stopping you. I read a book recently entitled QBQ: The Question Behind The Question. It is a book on personal accountability and it’s a game changer. It talks specifically about asking better questions.

Instead of asking why something is wrong you would ask how or what can I do about it. It’s a small tweak but immensely helpful.

Take a moment to look at all of the areas of your life where you feel that things could be different or better and see if you’re waiting on someone. Then stop waiting and start living the life you long to live.

There is so much freedom in personal responsibility because you only focus on what you can control. I think once you change your mindset you’ll begin to see that there is a lot you can control and you can shape it however you choose.

As P90X drilled into our heads, “You do your best and forget the rest,” but like time, you wait for no one.

X Brittany

SpiritBrittany Davis