Making Quality Time Count

It is very easy to move from task to task throughout our busy days, then fall into bed only to repeat it the next day. And while schedules are important it is also important to make sure that we’re busy making memories with our family.

No matter how old your children are they will only be at this age for a short time. Paying close attention and being present doesn’t have to be one more thing to add to our to-do list.

Quality time can be fun time if we make it so. One of the easiest ways to ensure quality time is enjoyed by you is to do something you like. If you like to read, read as a family and then discuss your books. If you like being outdoors, take everyone on a nature walk or to play. 

For your children it won’t matter what the activity is, it will only matter that you are all together and enjoying each other’s company. Try and measure your family time by how engaged everyone was rather than how long it lasted. A family walk may only take fifteen minutes but if you’re laughing the entire time; that’s what counts.

Rough housing with dad, cuddling with mom or playing tag in the yard, as long as you’re fully focused on the kids, memories will be made. Shoot for some form of family time each day and watch your children bloom, your relationship with your partner deepen and your family grow stronger than ever.



GoalsBrittany Davis