Igniting Your Spark

Happy New Year friend! For many a new year is a fresh start and a reawakening of dormant dreams. But for some the new year can bring feelings of doubt and hesitation. You might be feeling like, “why try again” or “this won’t work.”

And there’s nothing wrong with those feelings they’re valid and they’re here for a reason, but I’d like to encourage you to reframe those feelings. Address them and then restate them. We all know the power of positive thinking and speaking so use it to help ignite your spark.

If you are struggling to be inspired by the new year or hesitant to jump into something fresh; tell yourself that what didn’t work last year also won’t work this year, so I will try something different. If you’re wondering why try, instead ask why not try?

The time will pass anyway, why not give yourself another chance? And a little good in the right direction is better than standing still or going backwards.

I find myself hesitant to get my hopes up for sweeping changes, but I had to remind myself that life is a journey. And every heroine’s journey has twists and turns; it’s what makes the story interesting.

Look for good ways to be inspired, to make small incremental changes as often as you can and remember what Beyonce told us in her song Freedom, “A winner never quits on themselves, naw!”



MindBrittany Davis