Help! I'm Drowning Over Here

Have you ever felt overwhelmed or like you were drowning in all of the things? I sure have and as an actual drowning survivor I know how it feels to come up and take that glorious breath of air only to have the water pull you back down.

But did you know that the number one thing they tell you if you’re drowning is to relax? It seems counterintuitive but if you relax you can float and allow the water to carry you, instead of fighting against it and being pulled under.

And isn’t that exactly how life is? If you stop fighting people and circumstances, if you choose to let things go and embrace imperfections you can float too. Here are four ways to overcome overwhelm.

  1. Make A Plan. Assess how things are right now and make a plan for how you’d like them to be. The easiest road to travel is one with clear markers. Each time you make progress on on part, you’ll stay motivated to keep going until you reach your goal.

  2. Get Help. Help can be a spouse, friend or relative. Ask someone to watch the children or cook a meal. There’s no shame in the getting help game. We’re all in this together and we all need someone to lean on sometimes.

  3. Be mindful. Pay attention to what you can and cannot control. Don’t worry about things outside of your control. Be intentional with your actions and words. Let others know how things and situations are making you feel and spend some time in meditation or prayer.

  4. Nutrition Is Everything. During times of stress it is immensely important to be on guard with your health. Your body is trying to protect you from the harm stress can cause on all of your body’ systems. Eating healthy, working out, stretching and adding adaptogenic herbs to your diet, like Ashwaghanda can help your body deal with short and long term stressors.

Being overwhelmed in our constant and information filled society is normal, but it doesn’t have to remain your normal. How do you handle feelings of overwhelm?

MindBrittany Davis