Don't Give Up On You

As the queen Bey herself says, “A winner never quits on themselves.” As moms it is entirely too easy to put ourselves last and put our hopes off. Roadblocks and situations arise that might make us feel like, it’s just not worth it.

And truthfully it might not be worth it. If whatever “it” is you don’t feel like fighting for maybe you should let it go. But if “it” sets your soul on fire and your entire body changes when you talk about it. Your eyes light up, your heart races, you can’t stop smiling, then don’t let that fire dwindle.

Our families absolutely deserve the best we can give them everyday, but motherhood is only one identity we have, not the only one. So don’t allow yourself to quit because it’s hard or it would be easier to just try it later.

Good things take time and little by little progress adds up. We only get one amazing life, don’t let yours slip by. I decided long ago to not live with regrets.

Keep trying new things, even though we know they won’t all work out. Keep meeting new people, even though you won’t click with each one. Keep going new places, even though you won’t love them all.

Just don’t give up on you. The number one thing people on their death beds say is, “I wish I would have.” Don’t let that be you friend. You’re worth it.

SpiritBrittany Davis